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Not Just Another Love Story

Not Just Another Love Story
B.L. McGrew has created a love story unlike any I’ve ever read or seen on the silver screen. Move over Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman (Casablanca); Whitney and Kevin Costner (The Bodyguard); Romeo & Juliet. McGrew’s Ezmerelda Day and Barnaby Parks, two high school sweethearts, take love to new heights. McGrew’s exquisitely written novel reads like a symphony. She brings the elements of the story together harmoniously with beautiful prose that takes your breath away. In an era of twerking, graphic sex scenes, casual sex, microwave relationships, profane language, THOTs, and side chicks, McGrew’s work is a literary breath of fresh air. Told in the first-person present voice of Ezmerelda, we’re given a birds-eye view of the couple’s unconventional whirlwind romance. Ezmerelda, who at the beginning of the story prefers to be called Mazie, is an eighteen-year-old blind girl and aspiring author. Her sole closest relative is her sister Maya. If that weren’t challenging enough, she’s also a cancer-survivor, who when the story opens, is starting a new high sch...
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