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Trayvon Martin and the “C” Word

Trayvon Martin and the “C” Word
I finally had an opportunity to view the 7-Eleven surveillance video of Trayvon Martin that was filmed the night he was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. I had heard about the video and had my own ideas about what I’d see. However, the low-grade footage was nothing like I'd imagined. The first thing that struck me was the infamous, but actually not so infamous hoodie. Upon seeing it, I had to chuckle a bit because I wear a similar hoodie to the gym every morning. And when it’s raining, like it was the night Trayvon was shot, I wear it over my head. The next thing that caught my eye were Trayvon’s sagging pants. I also noticed him pulling them up. Perhaps he was hearing his mother’s voice in that moment saying, “Trayvon, pull your pants up, boy!” A hoodie, sagging pants, am I scared yet? Does this tall, awkward, lanky-looking teen frighten me? Does he appear to be someone who should be followed, someone who could be a threat to the neighborhood? In an attempt to be objective, I forget about the case and just look at what’s on the video. Again, I ask myself ...
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