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The Quiet Before the Storme

The Quiet Before the Storme
    Thank you, but no, that’s not a typo. I meant Storme, as in Rachel Storme, the detective in my new mystery series. The first book in the series, Justice for Jessica, is now available on Amazon, and I’m pleased to say that the reviews are excellent.  One reviewer by the name of Dee said the following: You are taken through a whirlwind of possible suspects and grow increasingly fascinated as you get deeper into the story and realize Jessica may have had her own secrets that she was keeping. This story reminded me of another book I loved which was "The Girl on the Train" while keeping to a totally separate storyline altogether and that is how great Justice for Jessica is. I am so excited about getting this book out to readers. Justice for Jessica, like all my books, is my baby, and I have fallen in love with my two protagonists—Stacey Sullivan and Rachel Storme. The story is told in alternating voices from each of their points of view. Stacy Sullivan, Jessica’s BFF, is a millennial married to a jerk. She’s desperately trying to find her own vo...
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