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Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Dog
While studying journalism at USC, I learned that every world event or happening isn’t news. My professor at the time taught my fellow Trojans and me that the media will usually only pounce on the unusual—the event that doesn’t happen every day. It’s not out of the ordinary for the postman to be bitten by the neighborhood dog , but I’ve never heard of the postman biting the neighborhood dog . And if that ever did happen, trust me; it would be front page news. This aphorism came to mind when I learned that there was another shooting rampage, and this time in my backyard. Last Friday, in Santa Monica, California, just a few miles from my day job, a lone gunman killed five people and himself. I discovered this story while surfing the internet. The first thing I did was shake my head in disgust and say to myself, Wow, another one, and more lives lost. What is going on? What I didn’t do was turn to my coworker and say, “Girl, there was another shooting!” Nor did I say anything to the receptionist when I made my way to the office break room, in spite of the story be...
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