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?#@*&% Happens!

?#@*&% Happens!
The hairs on the back of my neck bristled when I slammed into the truck in front of me. It was Friday, June 21 st and I was living one of my worst nightmares—a car accident. Crap! I had looked away momentarily and in that instant, I hit the truck in front of me. My mind was bombarded with all that comes with a fender bender—insurance adjusters, body shops, car rentals, deductibles, and most likely higher premiums. While I was pondering my situation, the man I hit emerged from his car. He didn’t seem upset. In fact he was rather pleasant and asked me if I was okay. I thanked God in that moment for both of us being okay. I couldn’t say the same about my car. The front was jacked up. My beautiful almost new car looked like the hoopties I used to drive back in the day. His truck had minor damage. We exchanged information and before I left the scene, I called my insurance agent to get the ball rolling. By the following Wednesday, I had a rental. Okay, things are moving along. That was until I left my bag at the gym and rushed back to get it. I parked the rental an...
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