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Inspirational Reader

Inspirational Reader
  While reading her email I could feel every ounce of enthusiasm and excitement that enveloped her being. Her words bounced off and danced across the screen. Who was this young woman who so exuberantly expressed her love for "The Baby in the Window," my latest novel? My eyes took in every compliment, every adoring word.   “Alretha, I soooo loved this book!!!” “I love Nick & Cass!!!” “You’re a great author!!!”   I love reading validating statements such as these just as much as I loathe reading comments like, “An okay read.” “I’ve read better.” Readers are human and they bring their entire life experiences to a novel. What one reader finds brilliant, another may think is boring. This is why it’s imperative that writers approach readers’ comments with balance and perspective.   But then there are those times when you get that reader who’s full of elation and cheer, a reader who gets you, your characters, your story, they just get it, they connect. These readers are rare and very inspirational. Alisha is that kind of reader. Alisha r...
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