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One Day in Paradise (A day on the set of East of La Brea)

One Day in Paradise (A day on the set of East of La Brea)
     ( My sisters in the series played by Lee Sherman, top center and Jeryl Prescott, bottom left.) My head was bouncing, my fingers were snapping, the music was blasting, and I was singing my heart out to Cardi B’s “I like.” In case you’re wondering, no I wasn’t at the club on a Saturday night. It was Wednesday, August 1, and I was in my car on my way to the set of the groundbreaking new web series East of La Brea. And yes, I was beyond excited about being cast as Darlene, aunt to the character Aisha Hassan, played by Geffri Maya (Private Practice). East of La Brea is a groundbreaking web series that follows the lives of twentysom ething Muslim women, Aisha Hassan (Geffri Maya), a black Muslim, and her Bangladeshi-American roommate, Farha Munshi (Kausar Mohammed), both of whom are struggling to navigate the changing landscape of their native Los Angeles home and their own ethnic communities. The series is produced by Paul Feig's production company, Powderkeg. Paul is an actor, film director, producer (Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters to name a few) a...
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