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I think I have Oldorexia

I think I have Oldorexia
          You’re probably scratching your head wondering what in the heck is Oldorexia. Well it’s a new word I have coined and it’s trademarked. It’s similar to anorexia, wherein an individual has a distorted view of their body shape and size. However, Oldorexia means you have a distorted view about how old you appear. For example, a fifty-year old woman is often told she looks like she’s in her forties, but in her mind she thinks she looks like she’s in her sixties. I’m on this topic because I recently turned another year older and I, like many Baby Boomers, am trying to adjust to my new look, if you will. What’s my new look? It’s a mature look. It’s a look that says I’m a middle-aged woman. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to be alive, but in my head, I’m still in my thirties, and sometimes in my twenties. But when I see photos of myself, I get a rude awakening. The tight skinned, bright eyed young woman in my head looks nothing like the woman staring up at me with her droopy lids and sagging chin. Who is this wo...
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