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A Kindergarten Flop

A Kindergarten Flop
  The month of September is somewhat bittersweet. The sweetness can be attributed to my book launch party for my latest novel “The Baby in the Window” that took place August 24. It was a great success and I’m still basking in the aftermath.   The bitterness is because my mother died in the month of September thirty-eight years ago. It’s also the month a lot of schools reconvene and invariably my mind is flooded with stomach-cringing memories of Kindergarten.   There I stood in front of my kindergarten class, trembling like a leaf on a windy day. I was wearing a navy blue jacket with fake fur around the collar. I held my breath while the teacher stumbled over my name. “Class, let’s all give Al…Areth…Alaret…Alretha a warm welcome.”   I lifted my head and took in the twisted faces of my classmates as they shouted BOO!!! BOO!!! BOO!!!!   My stomach sank and my eyes filled with crocodile tears that I tried to blink back. It was too late. I wiped my eyes trying to keep the salty water from falling onto the floor. My body was shuddering, rac...
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