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I Can Fly

I Can Fly
At least I could in my dreams last night.   I can’t recall the last time I had a flying dream. But this morning I woke up and immediately remembered taking flight in my dreams. It was an incredible, exhilarating feeling. In the dream I was approaching strangers trying to convince them that I could fly. Then I would step back, push off, and soar into the sky, leaving them below with their mouths agape. Curious about the meaning, I searched several dream websites and found numerous interpretations—the most common being that the dream represents that I’m on top of a situation and that I have risen above something. It may also mean that I have gained a new and different perspective on things.   Some feel that flying dreams and the ability to control your flight is indicative of your own personal sense of power. On top of things?   Risen above? Hmm, interesting. Perhaps there is some truth to that analysis. Just recently I successfully co-produced and directed fifteen people in my play, Sacrificing Simone, while at the same time promoting the first ...
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