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Billionaire Bigot

Billionaire Bigot
  While surfing the Internet last week I came across the TMZ story about Donald Sterling’s leaked conversation wherein he and his girlfriend are having a heated conversation about her posting photos of herself with Black people on Instagram.   I can’t say that I was shocked, because this isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time some well-known person’s racist views are made public. It was just a day or so before Donald was outed, that Clive Bundy, the Nevada rancher, was headline news due to his racist rant. And then there was Paula Dean and the list goes on. But what puts Donald in a class of his own is the paradoxical nature of the situation at hand. Either he is schizophrenic or he has a serious case of cognitive dissonance.   1)       Donald’s girlfriend is Hispanic and Black. 2)       Donald is the owner of the Clippers, a Los Angeles basketball team that’s made up of predominately Black players. 3)       The coach of the Clippers is Black. 4)  &...
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