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Not Just Another JFK Story

Not Just Another JFK Story
  Today marks the 50 th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s death. People all over the world are taking time to remember the man who was known as Camelot to those who loved and revered him. Fifty years ago I was three-years-old, and unlike the older children and adults in my life, I can’t tell you where I was the day an alleged lone assassin took the life of our president—an act of terror that brought the citizens of our good nation to tears and to their knees in anguish and prayer. I can’t tell you what I was thinking that day, what I was wearing, or what I had eaten for breakfast on November 22, 1963—a day of infamy. I can only imagine that day. My three youngest siblings were not born yet. My two older sisters would have been five and nine and my mother would have been twenty-four. I don’t even remember where we lived. Perhaps we lived in Oakland, California where I was born. I do know that my mother was very aware and socially conscious, so most likely, she, like the rest of America, was watching television news that broadcasted endless accounts of th...
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