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Forever Funny - Rest in Peace Robin Williams

Forever Funny - Rest in Peace Robin Williams
Yesterday when I returned home from work, I told my husband that Robin Williams had taken his own life. My husband’s face dropped and he gaped at me, confused and dazed. He had the same reaction I had when my coworker shared the sad news with me. Robin Williams? Funny Robin Williams? Mork & Mindy Robin Williams? Wacky, crazy, zany, fun-loving Robin Williams? Oscar-winning Robin Williams? Why would someone as gifted and talented as Robin Williams take his own life—a life that for all intents and purposes appeared to be charmed? Yes, on the face of it, Robin Williams was a golden boy. That’s just it—on the face of it, but little did we know that behind the bright smile, there was an internal struggle that Robin eventually succumbed to. It’s hard when someone you know dies. I didn’t know Robin personally, but like countless others, I enjoyed his work. From Mork & Mindy to Mrs. Doubtfire, he never failed to make me roar. I recall seeing Robin at a food court at the Century City Mall in Los Angeles. I wanted to talk to him, to thank him for all the laughte...
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