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Posted by on in Married in the Nick of Nine
I said “I do” to my soulmate. September 18, 1999 was one of the happiest days of my life. It was a day I never imagined would take place. Trust me, I fantasized countless times about meeting “The One” and walking down the aisle while family and friends looked on with smiles plastered on their faces, but it was just a fantasy. I actually believed that I had a better chance of winning the lottery than finding “The One.” My marriage fourteen years ago was not my first. At the tender age of nineteen, I wed a man I had meant in college. To sum it up in four words—“It was a mistake.” Let me be truthful, at the time I felt it was, but after serious soul-searching and growth, I don’t believe any of the choices I’ve made in my life have been mistakes. Everything happens for a reason and I believe emotional and spiritual growth is at the top of the list. If at nineteen, I was the woman I am today, I’d probably still be married to my first husband. However, I was confused, carrying a lot of childhood trauma, and definitely not wife material. It took two decades f...
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I know you’re probably thinking I had to have eaten something. No, I ate nothing. I did however drink water. If I hadn’t, I would be in the hospital or maybe even dead right now. It’s said that human beings can go three days without water. However there have been people who have gone weeks without eating. Mahatama Gandhi, at the age of 74, survived 21 days of total starvation while only allowing himself sips of water. And of course, Jesus went without food for 40 days. So my six days pale in comparison.  But for some of you who have never missed a meal in your life, I guess six days is a long time. Going without food wasn’t easy, but I was determined to get through the six days. My eating has been out of control, and during the past few months I gained almost 15 pounds.  My diet consisted of a ton of Trail Mix and an apple in the morning, Caramel Nips and peanut M&M’s, along with other junk food throughout the day, and a huge lunch. Upon arriving home, I would attack my favorite cheese popcorn like a starving refugee. Then I would gorge on Trai...
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Posted by on in Married in the Nick of Nine
The hairs on the back of my neck bristled when I slammed into the truck in front of me. It was Friday, June 21st and I was living one of my worst nightmares—a car accident. Crap! I had looked away momentarily and in that instant, I hit the truck in front of me. My mind was bombarded with all that comes with a fender bender—insurance adjusters, body shops, car rentals, deductibles, and most likely higher premiums. While I was pondering my situation, the man I hit emerged from his car. He didn’t seem upset. In fact he was rather pleasant and asked me if I was okay. I thanked God in that moment for both of us being okay. I couldn’t say the same about my car. The front was jacked up. My beautiful almost new car looked like the hoopties I used to drive back in the day. His truck had minor damage. We exchanged information and before I left the scene, I called my insurance agent to get the ball rolling. By the following Wednesday, I had a rental. Okay, things are moving along. That was until I left my bag at the gym and rushed back to get it. I parked the rental ...
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Posted by on in Married in the Nick of Nine
  What do "Father Knows Best," "The Brady Bunch," "The Waltons," and "The Cosby Show" have in common, besides being some of the most beloved television shows in America? You guessed it—great dads—the kind of dads a fatherless girl like me longed to have. As I’m sure you know, this Sunday is Father’s Day. It’s a day of celebration for many, and for others, it’s a day that conjures up bittersweet memories, feelings of loss, and abandonment. There’s never been a Father’s Day that I haven’t wondered about my biological father. Why did he leave me? Where has he been all these years? Did he ever try to find me? Is he still alive? While growing up, I thought my stepfather was my bio-dad. When I found out he wasn’t, I was ecstatic, because he was a far cry from my favorite television dads.  My mother told me my father’s name was Aaron Cooper and she said that I was just like him. Unfortunately, she told me ‘I was just like him’ when I did something to get on her nerves. I remember wanting to ask her more questions about my father, but I was afraid. Back ...
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Posted by on in Married in the Nick of Nine
It was while watching an episode of “Seinfeld” that I first heard the phrase, “man hands.” The episode, like all Seinfeld episodes, was hilarious. Jerry was dating a woman who had massive hands, and the oversized hands really stood out, because everything else about the woman was attractive and in proportion. I remember looking down at my hands while watching the show and it dawned on me that I could have played the part. Yes, I have “man hands.” They’re large, rough, and claw-like. Go to the Contact page and take a gander at my hand grasping my laptop. I told you! LOL.  I’ve always had large hands. In the fifth grade my classmates and I were introduced to the violin, and the man who was making the presentation gave our hands the once over to determine what size violin would be the right fit. He took one look at my large mitts and exclaimed, “You’ll need an adult size!” His devastating words slapped the smile right off of my face. I glanced around at the other students with tear-filled eyes, wondering if they had heard him and what they ...
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